Global NRG Ltd is developing large acreages of Jatropha forest in various countries  with the objectives of:

  1. Developing Carbon Sinks

  2. Providing Jatropha oil  for the production of low cost biodiesel to replace petro diesel

  3. Increasing job and income opportunities in rural and third world countries not otherwise blessed with mineral resources

  4. Harnessing the agricultural waste created during the harvesting of the Jatropha seeds for conversion into NRG pellets which can be utilized to create green energy in the form of electricity or syngas.

  5. The seed cake left over after the crush is an organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen and attracts CC.

    Global NRG is developing a high CO2 absorbing Green NRG a strain of algae which is used to absorb the carbon dioxide emitted from lignite fueled power stations, breweries and other high CO2 manufacturing processes.

    Specialized algae are bloomed in a closed environ into which the CO2 is fed. The algae takes approximately 10 days to produce an algae rich in oil and nutrients, that is then put through a bio-generator to extract the oil, which in turn is converted to biodiesel. The remainder is milled into a high protein cattle feed.

    Potentially NRG Algae has the highest yield of vegetable oil suitable for converting into biodiesel.