To offset your electricity bill whether you live in a house, apartment or rent 

or just to earn an above average income

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 13.33% PLUS PA
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Offset as much of your electricity bill s you wish including the taxes and service charges !

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Green Gold

In today’s environmentally conscious world, renewable energy is becoming more and more important as the world focuses on climate change. Yet no other commodity affects our daily lives and the business cycle as does the price of energy. When energy prices rise, they act like an interest rate increase. Business costs increase and are passed on in higher prices and together with the cost of home energy eats into family budgets, depressing consumer spending in less essential areas, and slowly stalling the general economy.

There is every indication that electricity prices will keep increasing in the near future, so it’s prudent to take action to offset these electricity rises. One way to do this is by investing in your own micro wind generator and use the tax effective income to offset your electricity or gas bill. Then you no longer need to  look at your next electricity bill with trepidation.

Investing in electricity generation

We have now made it possible for even small investors to earn a high return from renewable electricity generation through investing in micro wind turbines and leasing them to Green Gold NRG Ltd, an energy aggregator. You can buy  as many wind turbines as you wish, with the objective that the more investment income you generate, the greater the amount you will be able to use to offset your power bill. 

Green Gold NRG is able to offer these low risk leases over wind turbines because they are secured by long term take-off agreements with bonded electricity users, who benefit from the ‘free’ electricity the micro wind turbines generate.

The wind turbines are only installed into proven tested high wind sites that are already connected to the grid, such as homes, schools, railway stations, factories, sports fields, municipal and government buildings and grounds and form part of an NRG Economizer microgrid, so that the wind generated electricity forms part of the power supply that cuts the power bill.

Tax effective Investment

Directly investing in electricity generation, through  owning a micro wind turbine, is a relatively new and exciting way to enter the lucrative electricity market that is now building around the world.

The income you earn from leasing the micro wind turbine to Green Gold NRG, is in effect offset for tax purposes by the depreciation you are allowed to claim on the micro wind turbine. This means that all of the income earned from each turbine can be applied towards offset your energy bill or increase your savings.

Each year the ROI from the initial 10% rental paid on the micro wind turbine will increase as the depreciation lowers the residual amount left in the investment, because the income is still at 10% on the full amount you paid for the wind turbine. At the end of the lease when you sell  the turbine back for full amount that you paid for it, even though it has depreciated 50%, it recoups the total depreciation.

The advantage of owning micro turbines

Wind turbines generate more renewable energy per square metre than solar panels, because wind can blow 24/7, whereas solar panels really only generate electricity for 4 hours a day if the sun is shinning, and the micro turbines benefit by feeding their electricity directly to the end user as part of the NRG microgrid.

Each quarter in March, June, September and December  you  receive the rental payment for preceding quarter. The rental payments can be paid directly into your  bank account.

Guaranteed Buy-back

At the end of the lease period, Green Gold NRG Ltd will re-purchase the turbine for the exactly same amount as you paid for it or give you the opportunity to roll it over into a new lease period as per the lease agreement.

The Cost of a Wind Turbine

For a once-off cost starting at just $3,250 you can buy a micro wind turbine coupled with a 5 year lease to Green Gold NRG yielding you a10% return pa.

All the maintenance, installation and costs associated with the wind turbine are paid by Green Gold NRG Ltd.

The Terms and Conditions applicable to a wind turbine lease are detailed in  the Wind Turbine lease, and Repurchase Document  

Different turbines sizes

Wind turbines suitable for use in the Green Gold NRG’s microgrid systems come in two different sizes, a 1 KW generating capacity, and a 2 KW. The larger the turbine the more rent you receive.

The size of a micro wind turbine available for purchase will depend on where it is to be sited. Our wind turbines are only sited in established constant high velocity wind velocity areas, where they will generate the maximum amount of electricity to supplement the power supply from the energy grid via the NRG microgrid on that site.

In all cases the occupier of the site has to agree to take all of the green energy generated from the turbine first  to help reduce the electricity bill in conjunction with the NRG Economizer microgrid being installed.

This is also represents  an opportunity to help the environment, while offsetting your electricity account and/or to earn a high return. The more wind turbines placed into operation the greater the reduction of GHG  going into the atmosphere.

Owning a micro turbine lease is liquid

Should you need to exit ownership of the wind turbine before the lease has expired to free money up for another purpose, you can do this by selling your wind turbine to another investor. All leases and ownerships are transferable. Green Gold NRG Ltd will assist you to sell your turbine. There are always going to be investors looking for higher returns and to contribute to a better environment.

Why we offer this great investment

Green Gold NRG constantly needs additional wind turbines to expand its microgrid platforms. As a result, we developed this innovative way of adding turbines to our generating capacity, which in turn gives you access to obtaining a high return on your money, secured by the take-off agreements with bonded customers, who want to cut the cost of their power bill.

You get to earn a high,  low risk return and we get to grow our NRG microgrids.

The supply agreements with the electricity users provides the income. Supplying the “free” renewable energy from the wind turbines to the user via the microgrid helps to reduce the power bill and allows us to offer you a rate substantially better than  what you could expect from a bank for a term deposit, plus its easy to exit the lease if you need to.



Wattage 1,000 2,000
Price of turbine $3,250 $6,500
Rental income per quarter $82 $163
Rental income per year $325 $650
10% annual depreciation* $325 %650
Annual ROI in 1st year 10% 10%
Annual ROI in 2nd year 11.11% 11.11%
Annual ROI in 3rd year 12.5% 12.5%
Annual ROI in 4th year 14.29% 14.29%
Annual ROI in 5th year** 16.67% 16.67%
Average ROI over 5 years 13.33% 13.33%

*  Assumptions are based on the rent from 1 turbine for 5 years and selling it back after 5 years for the original purchase price .

* Depreciation is based on 10 year write off using the prime depreciation rate. Under $6,500 it may be 100% tax deductible for businesses.
* All numbers are rounded.

**Year 5 regains the 50% accumulated depreciation by  selling back the wind turbine for its original purchase price
* There may be additional tax advantages based upon your individual situation. Please see your accountant or Financial Advisor.

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