Products which can be produced from Syngas

Transport Fuels including gasoline (petrol), biodiesel, Jet 1, alcohol, kerosene can all be manufactured from syngas

Ammonium Sulfate 5K

Ammonium sulfate is an agricultural fertilizer marketed under the name, Dak Sul 45. Ammonium sulfate is produced by a flue gas desulfurization system.
Anhydrous Ammonia 5K Anhydrous ammonia is used as fertilizer for farming and as a feedstock for producing various chemicals. A large Gasification plant has the ability to produce about 400,000 tons per year.
Crude Cresylic Acid 3K Dephenolized cresylic acid is used in the manufacture of pesticides and products such as wire enamel solvent, phenolic and epoxy resins and antioxidants.
Krypton/Xenon Gases 3K Krypton and xenon gases are used for specialty lighting, such as high-intensity lighting and lasers, and for thermopane window insulation.
Liquid Nitrogen 2K Liquid nitrogen is used for food processing refrigeration, as an oil well additive and in chemical processes.
Naphtha 3K Naphtha contains products that can be used as a gasoline blend stock, in making solvents and in benzene production.
Phenol 3K Phenol is used for the production of resins in plywood manufacturing and in the casting industry.
Carbon Dioxide - Oil Recovery 4K Carbon dioxide is another product which can be used for enhanced oil recovery.