About Briquettes

Briquettes and made by compressing wood sawdust under high pressure into a compact stick form. Briquettes hold up to 4 times the energy of ordinary wood and take up a third les space.

Briquettes can be formed as round, square or hexangular shaped and in various diameters.

Briquettes can be used in the as-formed state or can be carbonized into a charcoal stick using the same retorts as we will use to make charcoal.


Briquettes are used extensive as a BBQ fuel and for heating. They are particularly suitable for use in wood fires. Other uses are industrial, in chemical operations and for generating steam and hot water.

How briquettes are made

Waste wood from the forests and other operations is cut into manageable lengths and then put through a special crusher which simultaneously chips and grinds the wood into the required size. The sawdust is then dried to reduce its moisture level to below 15%.

The sawdust is the fed into a hopper and from that into a briquette machine which extrudes a long briquette length. These lengths are cut into the required briquettes size

The briquettes can be turned into charcoal. The product the packed in bags of different weights and sent to markets around USA and the world

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